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Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 92182.

Hüseyin Abut

Adjunct Professor
Electrical and Electronics Enginering
Boğaziçi University, 34342 Bebek, İstanbul, Turkey

New Book in 2017

H. Abut, John H.L. Hansen, Gerhard Schmidt, Kazuya Takeda, & Hanseok Ko

© 2017Walter De Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston
ISBN: 978-1-5015-1212-4 e-ISBN (EPUB) 978-1-5015-0416-7

G. Schmidt, H. Abut, K. Takeda & J. H.L. Hansen, Springer Science + Business Media, New York, NY, 2014 Online Order Information:http://www.springeronline.com

Bogazici University: In the Pursuit of Excellence since 1863

Please visit 150 Year Anniversary website for most recent information:http://150.boun.edu.tr


Recent:DSP for In-Vehicle Systems and SAFETY
J. H.L.Hansen, P. Boyraz, K. Takeda & H. Abut, Springer Science + Business Media, New York, 2012
and Chinese Edition

Earlier Three Books from Springer

In-Vehicle Corpus and Signal Processing for Driver Behavior
Kazuya Takeda, H. Erdogan, John H.L.Hansen, and H. Abut

Springer Science + Business Media, New York, 2008

Advances for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems: Challenges for International Standards
H. Abut, J.H.L. Hansen and K. Takeda (Editors), Springer, New York, NY, 2007

DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems
H. Abut, J.H.L. Hansen and K. Takeda (Editors),
Springer, New York, NY, 2004, IBSN: 0-387-22978
Online Order Information: http://www.springeronline.com


Material on
Courses taught at at SDSU/SU/NTU:

Research & Projects:
1. International Alliance for DSP in Cars.

2. DSP in Conformation Radio Therapy Planning
3. DSP for Drive-Safe Applications
4. In_vehicle Corpus Collection & Driver Behavior

Publications & Presentations
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1. Books and Patents
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3. IEEE Distinguished Lecturer & Other Presentations

Education, Academic and Professional Services
1. DSP Conferences and Workshops

2. Biometric ID Repository for IEEE SP Society
3. Education and Academic Service


Sample Data Sets on Driver Behaviour Signals for In-Vehicle Technology

This DVD contains real-world driving data samples from Japan, US, Turkey, and Italy under a Collaborative effort. On-line version are downloadable from this and three other mirror websites:

1. DSP in Cars at SDSU (USA): Drive-Best
2. Driving Behavior Signal Processing at Nagoya University (Japan): Drive-Best
3. Center for Robust Speech Systems at UT Dallas (USA): Drive-Best
4. Sabanci University in Istanbul (Turkey): Drive-Best

San Diego Contact Information:
ECE Department, SDSU
San Diego, CA 92182-1309
Email: abut"at"anadolu.sdsu.edu Replace "at" w @

URL: http://abut.sdsu.edu  
ECE URL: www.engineering.sdsu.edu/electrical


Bogaziçi Contact Information:

Electrical and Electronics Enginering Department
Bogaziçi University, 34342 Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey
URL: http://abut.sdsu.edu  
ECE URL: http://www.ee.boun.edu.tr/